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by the shippers, they pay taxes and fees in the anticipation that those dollars, those revenues are going to be used to service our ports. the problem is it hasn't been used to service our ports. they are paying money into a fund, the last 15 years that has run a surplus. there is $17 billion in the fund and they sit back and wonder, why isn't this money being used for its intended purpose, which is to make sure that american ports work. we paid for it. we've agreed to pay the taxes. now do government what you promised us to do to make sure that we can actually have commerce in our industry. i think it's important the gentleman from pennsylvania talked about the corp. of engineers talking about studies and our shippers having a light load and the great lakes' ports and lake superior, the twin ports, where they are unable to load at full capacity because we haven't effectively dredged that port. and that is loss of receive news for our shippers and that is driving up the cost of the goods that we are shipping on the great lakes, which means the end consumer is paying more for those goods.
know, irs employees are not processing tax exempt applications fast enough. right. irs is not working fast enough so reduce the employees? that is the way the republicans see it. and that is next in the rewrite. handing her over for surgery is the hardest thing i've... ever had to do. before obamacare, insurance companies could put lifetime... caps on your health insurance. once you hit that cap... they don't pay anymore. zoe was half way to her cap before her first birthday. anncr: obamacare ended lifetime caps stacey: thanks to obamacare, we can now afford the care... that zoe needs. and for her, that's a lifesaver. when she's happy, she writes about bunnies. when she's sad, she writes about goblins. [ balloon pops, goblin growling ] she wrote a lot about goblins after getting burned in the market. but she found someone to talk to and gained the confidence to start investing again. ♪ and that's what you call a storybook ending. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. it's just common sense. and you wouldn't have it any other way.e. but your erectile dy
on the "rain tax" . one business owner says he is seeing $30,000 for 31 commercial properties. the assessments were based on aerial photography. the goal is to help keep pollution out of the day but business owners say they are feeling the burden. >> they always take it to the businesses. the consumer will pay more for their products. >> there is an effort on the way to fight the "rain tax" . >>> we havedpÑresearched how people are being impacted by the "rain tax" . go to our website and look for the break down. >>> there is rain across parts of maryland. take a look down here. the thunderstorms are developing developing. a good cluster out here in western maryland. the intensity. under a clear sky in centra maryland but we do not expectedî to last. tomorrow, in the afternoon showers and storms will return. ut conditions will change tomorrow. >>> continuing coverage of that plane crash in san francisco. the pilot was training to fly a boeing 777. >> investigators have released new details. >> two of the flight attendants were ejected from the aircraft during the impact. .+] >> recklessly the
. >> you are exactly right. >> if you can name one organization that lied on their tax form i am willing to hear it. >> you want to hear it? republican jewish association. listen what they did. not only did they put on their original application they had no interest in politics, they then filed with a different part of the internal revenue service claiming they spent millions of dollars, totally against what they -- and then they filed with the federal elections -- a whole other amount. >> there were 202 organizations singled out. the one defining characteristic of the overwhelming majority of these was the fact they were conservatives. 96 specifically had tea party or 912 in their names, these conservative names. that's the point. there were these triggers that sent the irs to do their stuff and there hasn't been an fbi investigation of that. is that shameful? >> it is. the obama administration hopes to run out the clock thinking a new scandal will take the place here. i think they are misguided. the reality is a lot of emotion was tied up in the 2012 election and a lot of people unders
that increased government spending does crowd out private spending. it's -- you know first of all, more taxes haveo go to fund the government and the governme is in there doing jobs that private industry could do. number two is as the government shrinks, you know, the private seor comes in and is enabled to grow. look, i think people are opt mistericic that the public sect is shrinking because as jim pointed out, every dollar they spend, there's no multiplier. in fact, a lot of studies christine believes that for every dollar spent, you get 95 cents back t to gdp. so think this is a all a good ing. i think there's some cause and effect there. i'm just happy that the public sector is shrinking at this point. >> and you were referring to the former economic adviser president obama? >> yes, thank you. >>> do you see a connection between private sector hiring and the government handing out pink slips? >> look, the connection is that if we were in a really strong economy with really low unemployment, not unemployment above 7%, yes, you could make the government is government is sucking up labor. y
in the name of the public library and the citizens of this city and the tax payers of this city and the library commission has come before the public and allowed them and talked about how wonderful this is and but if you look at the actual public records, some of which mr. herrara does not want you to see and has withheld and that is referred again to the board of supervisors you will see, there is absolutely nothing on which they could base any sort of a statement that it was a good deal, out of the 60 million the library got 3.75 million, not very good. in fact it is not any of the money actually raised it was taken out of reserves which they have spent down to the tune of $20 million. >> here is the good government guide and part of this says, oh, i am sorry. the wrong thing. on page 131, bodies must afford a fair hearing before them. central to a fair hearing is the principal that the decision makers come to the hearing with an open mind prepared to hear both sides and to decide the case on the merits of the evidence presented and the governing law. and since all of this goe
francisco and property taxes, it's over $1 billion a year. and we receive significant revenues from the business taxes and sales tax and hotel tax as well as other local sources. also important to know that about one out of every five dollars that san francisco spends comes from the state and federal government. when the federal government does things like implement a federal sequester. that has an impact here on san franciscans. if the state budget changes, that has an effect here on us. it's important to know that we have control over some of our revenue but not all of them. the mayor shared with you our five-year budget outlook. and mentioned the first two years. this is the fourth chart over with the red and black. the red bars show you how much our expenditures are projected to grow in the next five years and the black bars. we project over the five years we will have 13% more revenue, it's a strong economy. and at the same time our expenditures are expected to grow by 25%. so the gap between the growth in expenditures and revenue is what creates our budget short falls. a signi
as a tax deduction. any money that if you have taken can be applied as a tax deduction. this can be done on an annual basis. next, the opportunity, and a fund -- opportunity loan fund, providing for small businesses to pay for the inspection or to make improvements needed. to do it before you receive the lawsuit. and lastly, we of the bar association and their resources. they're providing their legal service for you. this last thing i am going to share with you in terms of what we have seen in our office is that with the individuals, that does not necessarily mean an individual will follow up with a lawsuit. what we've seen in our office is the individual's will send you a letter and say there were compile -- compliance issues. where people get in trouble is they ignore the letter. we need to make sure it that your pro-active and responsive. when a business receives a letter, they need to contact our office. the merchants of been very proactive -- have been very pro- active. the businesses that have received a letter and passed an inspection after receiving the letter have staved off a l
for general local bonds and related taxes so it did pass the assembly, which is remarkable, but it's in the senate and i think the out look in the senate is all such voter threshold related measures will likely be deferred 'til next year so they can sort out the various policy areas that are under consideration ranging from education parcel taxes to general bonds so there'll be a lot of work done and we wanted to put this on the agenda so if we come back year we're already on top of it. couple other key bills i mentioned from time to time -- they're both eye dent cal bills -- they deal with the [inaudible] program. the bills would extend those programs come /pwhraoet with the fee authority and necessary fees to provide about 2 billion dollars worth of funding over the next decade for alternative fuel in the state and emission criteria reduction programs so those -- the reason i bring that to your attention is the carl moyer program is a funning source for the projects you're interested in here. the one measure, the assembly measure did pass the assembly recently. >> which page.
a court in russia convicts lawyer sergei magnitsky for tax evasion even though he is dead. you are watching al jazeera live from to hot. also on the program -- wanted in australia but now free. smoke were people avoid extradition. thengineer failed to set brakes. new clues in canada about what caused an oil train to derail. himalayan kingdom of bhutan, people are voting for the second time in history. a russian lawyer who died in police custody has been convicted of tax evasion. there gave matt nitschke was arrested in 2008 after exposing corruption in the interior ministry -- sergei magnitsky. the story from moscow. sergei magnitsky was an advisor to hermitage capital, and uncovered the largest a leg tax fraud in russian history involving top officials of the mafia. but magnets he soon found himself behind bars. according to his diary, he was abused, tortured, and held in squalid conditions. he died just days before the expiration of the one-year limit that he could be held without trial. he was 37. even the kremlin's own human rights council admitted he had not received the p
and local level first >> let's hear from our young entrepreneurs. your creating jobs and paying taxes when you hear this from people what you do you say >> i've definitely paid hoof taxes. the short answer is yeah, the silicon valley if that were not true. it would be like the - i know i've spent a lot of time with interesting people from all over the world and their successful people and their passionate about being here and their contributing to the economy >> i like to give the example of football. imagine the 49ers and we're going to be playing with another team but what if it is other team had 13 or fourteen people. we have to see the u.s. as a team are the other countries and we're limiting the team on the field and if canada is allowing their team to to compete against us. to not allow the 49ers to come to the game is not making sense. you want to have the largest team i can in order to beat the competition and so i have this commercial in their head. all those comments immigrants are lazy and taking our jobs. imagine the same comments have been made as each immigration wave like
not be long before we had that dirty letter word, value added tax nell neil some of the underpinnings for it, to your point, is this idea that the underpinning is falling apart. not enough young people are signing up. they were going to bet u buttress this. low wage americans cannot afford it. the uninsured aren't sure they want to be part of this. so there's no one paying into this and delaying the employer provision that would be a big chunk of the money ain't there. so you have to tax. you have to do something. you have to hit up people like you or whatever. >> by the way, even if the employer provision had not been delayed, neil, one of the things that a lot of employers were saying i'll pay the $2,500, and i'll put my employees in the government-run exchanges, and it's cheaper for me but more expensive for the taxpayer. i believe also we move -- if we move forward with the implementations of obama care, thick at some point there will have to be some extra cash and the reason i predicted a value added tax, this is something we saidle at the wall street journal, if you want a european sty
. these are the premium tax credits which will make care affordable to millions of lower and middle income americans expanded medicaid for lower income americans, which in spite of the supreme court's decision will still extend medicaid coverage to millions, provisions that protect americans from pre- existing conditions from being denied insurance or being charged premiums. the individual responsibility provisions that asks americans who cannot afford health insurance to purchase it. and finally, the employer mandate which requires large employers to offer affordable coverage to the full-time employees or risk facing a tax penalty to offset the cost the public will incur of covering employees. 95% of employees with 50 or more employees already offer this coverage. but this mandate is there to encourage employers to maintain or expand coverage. on january2, 2013, the treasury department announced it was to line for -- delaying for one year the reporting requirements. treasury encouraged businesses is morning, and i think we heard from businesses this morning that they needed more time to comply bec
company, hire people, pay the taxes, that's where you get your food stamps from. host: it sounds like you're saying that african-americans are on food stamps and it sounds like you're white, sense you're not putting yourself in that category, and so -- caller: i'm not trying to make it that cut and drismede i'm saying the majority of the people who voted for obama are the takers, not the makers. that's the point that i'm making. and biggest point is that it's not that the american people want this, the american people don't want that. obama barely got over 50%. host: all right, let's get back to the question of the fill buster and what you think of that. jimmy, georgia, independent caller. hi, jimmy. go ahead. caller: hi. yes, go ahead, i just want to say a nuclear fell buster and do away with filibusters, because they do everything they can to wreck the country. there's one thing i'd like to say. i was a republican, but i was a union member, but i've heard so much stuff about the republicans, about the union members that you know why the union was ever started in the south? because the r
reform and all of that without putting washington and george or raising taxes. we believe there are positive solutions and that is what h.r. 2300 incorporates. >> host: should every american have health insurance? >> guest: everyone should have access to the health care coverage they want for themselves. to have the government to dictate to them what they ought to have in their health care coverage, that's not america. that's not who we are as a people. but a lot of folks say we have a someone that is 23-years-old healthy fellow and there are a lot of them across this land. if they want a high deductible catastrophic plan because it best suits them and their pocketbook, then they ought to be able to do so. instead, what the law currently says is no, you can't have that. you have to have a soup to nuts health care plan. every american should have access to health care and that is what h.r. 2300 thus. >> host: did you sign it because the health care expansions -- >> guest: he was on through his college caree
out of the shadows, to be able to work, to have their own businesses, to pay their taxes, to travel back and forth to their home country and elsewhere. >> reporter: as house republicans take their step by step approach, leading democrats want to get moving. >> i have said to the speaker i am respectful of any way he wants to bring it to the floor, in parts or in whole or whatever it is. >> house leadership aides saying they will only have time for the border security measure before august recess. chuck schumer already called the white house to recommend a possible next homeland security secretary, new york city police commissioner ray kelly. >> more on this with the panel, thank you. >>> the president's top cop finished examining himself, and has released new rules today on dealing with reporters. the move by attorney general eric holder comes in light of justice department targeting of fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen. wenldal goaler on that new policy. >> reporter: attorney general holder briefed the president less than an hour, while the white house wouldn't co
grants, tax assessments, et cetera? anybody? >> i think i can take that. >> okay, ready. >> for anyone who didn't attend my session, i do a juvenile program where i take kids who have been convicted of graffiti crimes to do community service on saturdays. the way i do this is get a public grant from department of public works where we take kids out to graffiti hot spots, we paint over graffiti and they get a reduced fine and credit for probation officers. this is done through a public grant. it's a very effective program. we have been able to turn a lot of kids around, restore justice. we get a lot of positive feedback from the community, a lot of other officers are happy to get the overtime. and as an officer, you're really able to facilitate the program well because you are able to put on a lot of different hats, communicate with probation, you communicate with traffic court judges, with community referral center, and with station personnel. so, you really act as a good communicator and facilitator in the program from a law enforcement background. and the grant we get through public
of july. >> thank you. i would point out the irs tax system is an honor system. at least the irs uses $10 million a year to enforce the honor system. the claim that the administration has been starved has no basis. in fact, the hhs used $8 billion to create out of thin air a bonus program for the medicare advantage, to postpone the cuts before the election. i wonder if they would like to have that $8 billion back now that they are claiming they don't have the ability to implement. >> can i add on to that? >> sure. with respect to the first question about the attack system being an honor system, certainly some parts are covered by reporting but many parts are not. and i would remind you that congress repeal the 1099 requirement that is supposed to take the small businesses away off the honor system with respect to the reporting purchases of goods of more than $600. and they projected the loss, $22 billion of the revenue by putting businesses on the honor system. the tax gap in the united states in 2006 was estimated to be $385 billion of uncollected taxes. those taxes were on collected bec
the credibility to enforce the 23 taxes and the mandates within obamacare either. nor is there confidence they will protect taxpayer information when give it to them so right now they're the least credible organization in the federal government. they have changing to do. neil: we will wch closely on what could be a way to get the irs going. but now the two prty says cut to the court and cut it out of existence. with me now is a tea party activists. you are to wallop them? >> music to my years for t irs is a weapon of mass destruction against the taxpayers. is so corrupt, unconstituonal and was voted that once upon a time. there are so many problems with this and there are much more efficient ways we can tax the people that are much more fair. it is definitely time make these reforms. neil: be careful what you ask for. you may get itto abolish the irs to say that is impractical you need a organizaon is that polices if you p the taxes people tried to pull fast ones a new agency to monitor th. >> but it doesn't need to be the largest off federal bureaucracy there is. were one that has targe
. , a group known as stop the rain tax outline the burden of the new tax for businesses and commercial property owners today. they said that the tax creates a negative impact on the economy, jobs, and rentals. local business folders -- local business owners said there is a cost to their business operations. >> this is a huge amount of money coming into state government and it's not even a designated fund or a trust fund. this means a governor and the politicians are going to have access to this money, and that is like giving the keys to the ball to bank robbers. tax,e so-called rain actually known as the storm water management fee, was put in place to pay for objects to keep toxic runoff from polluting the chesapeake bay. >> widespread showers, a few thunderstorms covering the mid- atlantic region. back in the ohio valley and on into new england, not everyone getting wet at the same time, but you can see that there is a few showers. that is working into our direction. in the meantime, we have a few light rain showers across the region. the clouds and the showers have kept temperatures
given the proposition ends that supervisor avalos mentioned, trying to increase the tax rate this tax is progressive and is dependent on the amount of churn that we see in the commercial market. it assumes that level of activity we have seen in the last year will continue in the next two. we are actually updating our transfer tax estimate as well as part of the updates on the board on things that may have changed since the budget, we are expecting to see weakness in that. nothing leads us to revise budget year estimate by the budget generally assumes continued strength. >> i know harvey rose -- looking at the legislative analyst report the president chiu, and the board of supervisors on revenue and expenditures i am wondering if you could comment on the potential risks a supervisor breed said, digging into the budget stabilization reserve or other reserves. what are the risks involved? >> we can provide more information on this. the city does like everyone else, goes through economic cycles, revenue cycles up and cycles down. proposition a and the policy that followed
act as kind of a tax on the productive part of th economy. so the less they do, the less people they have implementing these confounding rules and regulations, the less -- the better the private sector can work. so i think that, again, you see a shrinking of the public sector, you're going to see the private sector really tak off. >> sasha, wa do us about that? >> at the end of the day, somebody doesn't hire a new workers because of what the government is doing in terms of the sequester. they're hiring a new worker because the profit mgin that they're going to get out of it is worth more than the cost of the new employee. so it's not about the government. it's about the housing market doing better, consumer confidence up. >> so you think that that government can throw to any kind of level and it won't slow down the economy? >> there's no -- it's a really fferent argument than we're talking about. >> but we're talking about the flip side, though, as government strengths will the private sector grow. i make the argument that it does. >> and i'll make the argument that at this poin
have roughly $4 million within the half kent sales tax san francisco sales tax program. this is a significant benefit to the project to phase one. in addition to the grant program we have an explanation if in for a $12 million grant for bicycle and pedestrian program within the district. we ultimately received an award of $6 million through the feedback program. those programs net $18.2 million in r tip funds that will not be available in the phase one timeframe is a net of $10 million to the program. which leaving us with the budget change of an additional revenue remit of roughly $2 million. as we discuss in february and march we proposed to take the loan back to mainstreamed to adjust the interest rate and the coverage radio that will generate between 97 and a $100 million in all revenue. we also have actually applications in for a tiger 5 grant based on the scope of project for 8 pointed $23 million and a grant in for 3 and a half $6.2 million that is based on the enhancement of structural connections coming out of the rb a possess. we're going to continue to pursue
of customers and bring in tax dollars for the city if we do this. >> strictly from a security perspective we have the problems at night. we are flooding the streets with drunk people, with more people at one time than any other time throughout the night and it's taxing on laughed, taxing on security and neighborhood. so having a staggered approach, not every venue should be able to go to 4:00 a.m. and i agree with that. bars go to a certain point and maybe there is a clear definition of those industries and subcategories are. absolutely it's a necessary tool for us to make sure that we limit the amount of violence that happens every night. >> that's a difficult question for law enforcement standpoint. i think it's a good time for another trivia question. [ laughter ] which seated commissioner was tinker bell at disneyland. we take pride in ourselves to the police department to be very open minded and i think that most of the venues that deals with the security or patrons or entrepreneurs will know that we are very open minded and we listen to all concerns. this is a hot topic and it would be
of gay people's dignity. it also brings concrete results. >> they are entitled to file joint tax, federal tax returns. they are entitled to social security survivors benefits. they are entitled to be informed when their spouses are killed in action. >> john: for too long only straight dumbals have been able toen i do paying their taxes and learning that their spouse has been killed. no more. you're welcome, gay couples. you are welcome. we have full team coverage tonight. first is a mapt a bee live outside the supreme court. sam, the defense of marriage act was struck down in a 5-4 decision. with justice scalia writing a blistering defense. >> yes. big surprise. scalia wasn't happy. he firmly believes that it is inappropriate and arrogant for the court to strike down a decades-old congressional law. >> john: didn't he just help overturn the voting rights act of 1965 literally yesterday? >> reporter: well, like i said, this is a firmly held belief of scalia that he has held for approximately 36 hours now. >> john: to be fair. hundreds and hundreds of minutes. >> reporter: in his defense, t
? it's all taxes. local taxes, state taxes, federal government ones, school taxes even 911 systems all adding to your monthly wireless bill. that means a $60 cell phone bill on average winds up costing you 70 bucks a month. what else is costing more. gas prices. that is because the cost of oil shot up 11 bucks on big demand in the u.s. big tensions there in the mideast. a major drawdown in american oil supply. all of that putting oil the commodity at $106 a barrel. that's the heist level in more than a year. gas prices this morning they are heading up, too. national average 3.52 a gallon. gas prices may continue to rise a little bit. most experts agree not enough to change your summer vacation plans. target has a way to record the stoppers kicking off a youtube campaign featuring 5 reality stars they are spending four-days in a college dorm room with target merchandise. you can interact while clicking and buying target stuff. >> that's going to cost them a lot of beer money. >> lauren simonetti, thank you so much. >> 11 minutes after the hour. still to come a shocking admission from th
from britain. there was also concern about the cost of war. britain's most highly taxed nation in europe at the time apart from prussia and austria. it was spending as much as 43% of every tax, pound, on funding the debt. it's debt problems were much worse than anything we see in the united states today. and this indeed was one of the major reasons why the government had initially sought a tax in america. it was also a problem. they did not want to increase taxes. finally, the growing domestic opposition in britain prevented the possibility of continuing the war in america. in essence the british never worked totally defeated. cornwallis' army was simply a detachment of the main british army. the british still held new york and savannah and augusta and canada and much of the fortresses in the northwest. they could have continued to fight. george iii regarded yorktown as a minor set back like saratoga and arguably should go on. the public opinion changed. in the summer of 1774 the public had been almost unanimous behind the government when it passed the tea act later the coerciv
, not necessarily good news for the italians. potential investors are put off by high tax rates and excessive red tape. and it's not just investors were shifting to croatia. italians can buy upscale homes there at low prices. she sells vacation apartments. booming business is expected. >> back then private individuals from italy could not buy anything in croatia. you had to use middle name or real estate firms -- middle men or real estate firms. those obstacles are gone now thanks to croatia joining the eu . >> the region has a history as a melting pot. italians, croats, lived here as friends. that peaceful coexistence was shattered in the second world war when hitler and mussolini invaded and occupied yugoslavia. towards the end of the war, yugoslav partisans committed mass killings of italians, throwing them into deep pits and ryan shafts -- rhine shafts. there is never beneficial reconciliation over the fence -- the events. >> relations between italian and croatian individuals are far from held dear. >> he has a multinational patient base and he is delighted to finally see croatia admitted to
today for tax ovation. the singer failed to pay $1 million on taxes. hill faces another 3 months of home confinement, the singer won five grammy's with her multi platinum. thank you very much for making ktvu your choice for news, we'll see you time on our news break, i am heather holmes. we'll continue with our coverage on asiana. flight. tmz is up next . ♪ [ bell dings ] [ bell dings ] [ bell dings ] ♪ [ buzzer ] [ buzzer ] [ female announcer ] check it out. [ bell dings ] subway is the first restaurant with meals to earn the american heart associations heart check mark. subway. eat fresh. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> "big brother" finally aired some of the racist comments. it turns out for half a million dollars, you can call some people anything. >> howard, he goes, i'm not to say anything because i'm afraid it's going to hurt my chances. >> you would ignore horribly racist comments because you can win half a million dollars. ignore it for a lot less. >> nicki minaj went to the strip club last night and they're
. >> colleagues any questions. >> can you call item no. 10 with this? >> the clerk: agreement tax exempt and taxable lease revenue commercial paper certificates of participation not to exceed $100 million. >> thank you. director of public and finances of the controllers office. this legislation authorizes an increase of about a hundred million from $150 million to commercial certificates of participation. we are also asking that you approve the form of documents as it relates to the reimbursement agreement as well as letters of agreement and we are asking thyou allow the city agencies to access the program as an example, the port of san francisco, is a smaller agency and does not have the resources to implement their own program. also, we would also ask that as you know the program is set up such that the board has to approve the long-term financing to set up the program. we ask that you allow the use of the program in the event of emergency on the section 3.100 for the city to access that program for the capital needs for a disaster. by way of background, the city's existing program was
don't have the exchanges ready when the individuals are either going to be taxed or fend for themselves, that puts the revenue in the stream without another major portion of the law being enacted, and it's wrong, and it's contrary to the way we're supposed to do business in a country that abides by the rule of law. neil: all right. so in the house it doesn't look like this thing has much of a chance right now as far as making the same push. maybe it does. but is this law on automatic pilot? i mean, because you always hear these daunting numbers. it's very, very tough to change a law already in place however unpopular, however enormous. what do you say? is. >> well, that's what we knew all i a long. -- all along. in the senate, yes, it's tough. the house, i think, is voting on doing away with the individual mandate even as we speak if you'll flip over. but, basically, what we -- my best hope, neil, is that we can defund the irs enforcement of in this. that's the one part of this law that has to come back before the appropriations committees each year for additional money,
individual mandate tax. republicans in congress believe this is unfair as such. senator thune spearheaded a letter to president obama which i enthusiastically signed urging him to permanently delay the whole entire law and treat individuals like he's going to treat businesses. i'm glad that it's been put over for businesses, even though i question why it was put over for this next year. why not do it for the individuals who are suffering from it? if it's good for the goose, it should be good for the gander. shouldn't the obama administration give the same relief to everyone? furthermore, i might point out that we've always known this law was a budget buster. with the employer mandate delayed, i joined with a group of republican committee leaders in the house and senate asking for the congressional budget office to get us an updated cost estimate of the bill. i can't say what c.b.o. will find, but i have a feeling that obamacare's price tag will continue to soar, and it's already off the charts. everybody knows it's an abominable bill. and that includes democrats as well. mr. president, wh
in order to avoid a half million dollars in sales tax that he would have to pay near his nantucket home or boston home. he's a tax evader as well as an elitist on his $7 million yacht. another man of the people. but, look, when these guys are there, does anyone think when the president is at camp david or playing golf, he's not actually working? >> if i had a $7 million yacht, i am out of touch. >> i disconnect. >> when you're having tea and crumpets you are totally cut off. the president says he'll have his blackberry with him, his briefing book in hand and working around the clock. when the president goes on vacation, he's never on vacation. >> of course. i think it's silly when people say he has to be in the white house. we can work from anywhere nowadays. >> even on a yacht. >> apparently. >> high-level democratic office holder should not have a $7 million yacht. you can't get up and demagog everything and we're on your side for working families. be quiet and then you inherited money to buy a $7 million yacht. not a louchltd you can't do that. >> i disagree. i think you can have a y
point of usefulness. we need to move to a flat tax and give the government less power over the individual and allow people to be able to make decisions for themselves so that this way you would not have to worry about some of these officials must be having. lou: congressman, i would love to have a fair tax to my flat tax, a set percentage just like i think most americans, but one of the surest ways to damage the investigation right now is for you all to get caught up in tax-cut reform when what you have to do is get rid of a bunch of snakes and a really lousy, lousy corrupt management at the irs. >> amen. lou: thank you for being with us. good to talk to you. good luck. up next, a gain of eight member senate to lindsay gramm taking some wild claims about the senate immigration legislation in the "chalk talk". we will examine those claims by south carolina's senator. stay with us. ♪ ♪ >> we militarize the border. i have been hearing for years, let's secure the border, regains sovereignty, zero border security an immense. the most ggressive attempt to control the souther
the department of emergency management to the tax collector and clarify license renewal and appeal procedures. >> good afternoon, chair farrell, members of the budget and finance committee. thank you very much for having us today. my name is ann crone enberg, i'm executive director of the emergency management. we prepared a very brief presentation for you today. hopefully we have covered the issues that you put forward. you wanted, chair farrell, and also supervisor mar. functionally -- you did, okay, thanks. functionally, dem is comprised of three operating divisions. division of emergency services, division of emergency communication, and administration. in addition to this you'll see the dotted line on the slide, the bay area uasi management team reports to me because san francisco is the fiscal agent for the region's uasi funding. all homeland security funding that comes to the bay area comes through san francisco. the mission of the department of emergency management is to leave the city in planning, preparing, communicating, responding and recovering for daily emergencies, large scale c
or inspection costs placed on their property tax or otherwise have not paid the city in a timely manner. in this report we are submitting 39 properties with outstanding invoices totaling $59,73 2.68 to be placed as an assessment on the property tax rolls. >> thank you. unless there are any questions to dpw, why don't i now ask if there are members of the public that have issues with this report or if you have any comment to this report, you are welcome to provide your public comment. and after you do, we'll ask you to have a conversation with our dpw staff to see if this matter can be resolved before we end this hearing. >>> and somewhere down the broken sidewalk road ♪ our roads are going to cross again and somewhere down the broken road i know you're gonna find these funds again ♪ and you'll fix the sidewalks and you'll fix them i know you're gonna mend ♪ >> thank you. next speaker. >>> good afternoon. my name is [speaker not understood] and i'm owner of gas station in cesar chavez at 28 31. ~ starting may 2011 until today, which over two years and three weeks, construction to i
of becoming healthy food retailers. initially the idea was to let's look at perhaps tax breaks to create a safety net for those businesses, that see a drop in income after the first year of embarking on this path. we looked at that with the tax assessor's office and we looked at that with the city attorney's office and frankly, it's just not -- it's not a benefit that would benefit as many of the businesses as we would like because of the change in the city's tax code. a lot of these businesses are not going to be paying that much in taxes anyway. so in its stead what we decided to do was offer a three-year commitment on the part of oewd and the department of public health so if a business starts on this path and runs into problems those departments and all of their services will be there for a minimum of three years to ensure that technical assistance will be there for them all the way down the road until they achieved the goals that they set out for themselves. as i said, we have been working very closely with both city departments, as well as community members. today we are going
the tax code, getting out of empire criminal wars of aggression and so on. so when i say it's easier than you think, it isn't just a hypothesis. historically in our country the greatest changes for justice have all started by one or two people almost by definition. the women's suffrage movement, that famous meeting in an upstate new york farmhouse, six we can in the 1840s. the abolition movement, the civil rights movement with rosa parks and a few other stalwarts. time and time again the sit-down strikers in flint, michigan, to form the united autoworkers in the 1930s. time and time again it has been proven, the whole farmer populist revolt started with a few farmers in east texas in 1886, '87, spread all over almost the entire country outside of the more eastern seacoast. again and again we have these heroics, but we don't learn from them. we don't learn from them because most americans have given up on themselves. they have rationalized their futility. that's easy to do. and they make excuses for themselves as to why they can't show up at a town meeting or even show up to vote locally o
we get our revenue sources. the largest being property tax, it's about 32% of our overall revenue, over a billion dollars a year in san francisco comes from property taxes. we also receive a significant amount of our revenues from business taxes, hotel sales, and other local taxes. another important thing to know is about one out of every $5 san francisco receives comes from the state or federal government. so, when the state and federal government makes budget cuts, things like the federal sequester, those soon have effects here as well. the next chart over is the one with red and black. that's showing you our five-year budget outlook. and part of the reason we're here to talk to you today is to really hear from you about your priorities in the context of a situation where our revenues are growing, but our expenditures are projected to grow more quickly. so, over the next five years, what that chart is showing you is we project our revenues to grow about 13%. during the same period we expect that our expenses will grow by 25%. and, so, that gap, the gap between the 13% in revenue
. how many times can you talk about tax cuts, taxations, regulations and too much spending? i sink i am in no position -- to think i am in no position to call for a fight. i think the basics, and you have to say it in a way that is appealing and there has to be much more outreach to the people we're trying to our reach. hereic cantor will be during a panel. what would you say he should advise his caucus in candidates to talk about in the next election? fundamental, a previous decision you have to make. the question right now is does the republican party need to motivate the coalition or modified? you always have to motivate your coalition when you go into an election. that is necessary. the question is whether they need to modify in significant ways? i think there are good reasons they need to. generational change. calls of governing vision that includes everyone. reach to even people you know will not agree with you. it is the reason we were involved in the campaign in 2000 when one of the president's first speeches by president bush he specifically criticized the idea that there is no
to be hit with the tax inside of obamacare. could you explain that to us more fully than just one or two paragraph response might give to the american people? >> sure. one of the new funding mechanisms for the the affordable care act is the new tax on private plans, which falls on those private medicaid plans as well. so you have a perverse dynamic the federal government on one hand taxes itself and at the same time taxing at a -- states to raise revenue. states need to come up with the money or cut services for individuals to pay the taxes. >> explain how that works. i was not here when the bill was passed. i was under the improtects it was on the wealthier people and on plans that were private plans. is it because some states have or work with private-type plans to provide the coverage for their citizens? >> this is not the tax on cat lack plans. >> okay. >> this is a different tax that essentially a premium tax for plan -- private plan, private health plans. but those private plans within medicaid are including within the tax. and that tax over the next decade is going to raise costs
trying to put options in front of us that don't raise taxes which is what the white house wants to do to get that issue under control but the problem that you talk about not only active duty but also veterans. lou: also it is obscene what we're doing to those veterans that are denied the benefits. we're out of time. we always like to hear your voice on these very important issues. i could go along with a reduction of the combat brigade but i meant as a free constrained the mission. but for the like of me i do not know how we can do this to our village terry given all the challenges that we face and i hope we find a way to be constrained with the nation's interest. >> we're only to be providing for the defense of the american people and that is what we're doing. lou: amen. another embarrassment for the irs posting the social security numbers of tens of thousands of americans online last week. many of those numbers below to people associated with the political groups that filed for tax-exempt status. the question looms large and bolt, was that a mistake by the ira's? were was it a vindi
those who have the money give more of it via higher taxes. taking and spending other people's money is what barack obama likes to call our shared commitment to each other. and americans agree with him. at least enough of this agree with him to elect him as president last year. unpleasant as it is their reality is always difficult to convince people to say no to free money. it's always difficult to opt for the uncertainty of free markets and free enterprise and to walk away from government subsidies. i may have emerged from that ghetto without having received welfare benefits but it was purely an accident. if i had known that welfare programs existed, and that my parents qualified for those welfare programs i would have brought them myself to the relevant government offices, filled out the application, served as their translator and interviews with nameless bureaucrats and at age 10, 11, 12, 13 whatever it was i would have made sure they got some free money. i never had to do an event in oakland but certainly like other poor people i had friends and family who did avail themselves to
if they are not eligible for the cities. if you look at something like the earned income tax credit, about 21% to 25% of those payments are made to people who don't actually qualify for them legally if you are looking at the affordable care act that's $250 billion problem. >> if it is on that scale of -- >> if it was the same fraud. >> kim, so what's the motive here, political motive here for the administration to do this -- wave these verification rules? >> they want to get as many people in the system and hooked on these subsidies as they can. they think that's what's going to build support for the law. that combined with pushing off this employer mandate which was incredibly unpopular passed the next year's election, they are hoping again to get everybody in that they can while also pushing off some of the harder and more controversial aspects of this. >> really afraid in particular that young people who don't sometimes think they need insurance won't sign up for the exchanges that will administer the law because if -- if they don't sign up will won't be enough young healthy people to finance the
. >> it is. and taxes. you know, small brewers pay disproportional amount of taxes compared to comparable industries, too. >> why? >> 40% cost of the beer is taxes. you have federal excise taxes on beer. it's a whole different ball game for the small breweries to compete and thrive, and they're still thriving, double digits, despite the challenges that they're up against. >> that's really important. i'm glad you mentioned that. the excise tax. because people don't think of that. the 40% of the cost is taxes. >> yeah, it's astronomical, but they are surviving. if they had a recalibration of the excise tax rate, they'd put more money back in their businesses and continue to grow. >> you expecting to see we'll see consolidation? why wouldn't a larger brewer acquire some of the small guys? >> well, they are, the larger brewers are looking at the smaller mojo. they're doing certain things to diversify their brand offerings. that is good for beer. >> what did you bring us here? >> we brought some great stuff. we got star hill from virginia. four peaks from arizona. i have a bohemian from texas.
government policy by taxes to push the small investor to the sideline. so now let's bring the -ditor at "barron's".com and our very own charlie gasparino author of the best-selling book, the triple threats. >> we wanted to be a best seller. gerry: i am interested what you have to say. he believes all americans should be able to invest in the stock market available to the big guys but what do you say? >> right now he is worried that they're out of the market that they're not using the schwab discount brokerage system. he is right we have the flash crash didn't like the high frequency trading they don't like taxes. but if you read a great blumberg column to talk about the index fund as opposed to the hedge fund you were not stock-picking you made a lot of money. i think the fallacy is there is the information in etfs to wall street. you should not play in that field. you are not a professional investor for you are the average guy. invest in the mutual-fund. gerry: but i should be able to play and not worry. >> they are not made in to be equal. >> know they should not. gerry: it should
on this path. we are not a country that can afford to allow into our nation immigrants who are going to be tax consumers rather than tax producers. when you have the pick of hundreds of millions of people around the world, we should be smart and we should have a smart immigration policy that brings in people who are going to be tax producers. not tax consumers. that's going to help us with our deficit situation, tep us with our accumulated debt, and hopefully reduce or minimize the risk of an american tradgity that tragedy being a debit dating insolvency and bankruptcy of our great nation system of in that veen, our foreign policy, our immigration policy should focus on those who are going to come here and produce more revenue then they're going to consume. i'm for allowing immigration into the united states of america. it's a cherished privilege, it's a historical fact of our country, but that smart immigration means that the people we allow into the united states of america need to bring wealth with them. if that's going to help produce more in tax revenue than they're going to consume. we n
we'll ever hear the president even say the word "carbon tax"? >> with an opened mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned great leadership so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter) >> cutting throught the clutter of today's top stories. >> this is the savior of the republican party? i mean really? >> ... with a unique perspective. >> teddy rosevelt was a weak asmatic kid who never played sports until he was a grown up. >> (laughter) >> ... and lots of fancy buzz words. >> family values, speding, liberty, economic freedom, hard-working moms, crushing debt, cute little puppies. if wayne lapierre can make up stuff that sounds logical while making no sense... hey, so can i. once again friends, this is live tv and sometimes these things happen. >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. cenk off air>>> alright in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks! i think the number 1 thing than viewers like about the young turks is that were honest. they know that i'm not bsing them
from more than a trillion dollars in new taxes over the next decade. including a new one on insurance premiums. >> jim, thank you. the administration is taking the health care fight to its critics. wendell has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: forced to defend the president's decision to delay obamacare's employer mandate, the white house attacked the people challenging the decision. >> people who suggest that there is anything unusual about the delaying of the deadline and the implementation of a complex law is r. deliberately sticking their hands in the sand. >> reporter: technically administration officials say the treasury department has the authority to order the delay. but obama care critics feel there should be another consideration. >> the key issue in front of us is the fairness of postponing this major mandate on businesses, but not postponing it on families and individuals. >> reporter: after dozens of republican led attempts to repeal all or part of the afford able care act, the white house believes republicans are seizing on any opportunity to delay its impleme
check and balance, if you file a tax return, the irs can look at your tax return, then a year later i say, well, you probably were misreporting your income we'll give you back some subsidies. but the irs enforce that, and that does not apply to people who do not file tax returns, if you have a lower income, you were not supposed to qualify, irs has no way of knowing. gerri: there are all kinds of ways around. >> there are ways to game it. gerri: this reminds me of liar roars iroarsloans where anybodye out a loan , what is the impact? >> we're supposed to spend there 150 billion a year on these exchanges when the law is fully implemented. imagine additional 10% is fraud, or 20% that is 30 billion over years,. gerri: medicare, aheadic ai medd l over ain. >> yeah. gerri: we've seen private insurers say they are backing out of the exchanges. what is the effect in your view on insurers? >> so when the obama administration delayed the employer mandate that is huge, that just gets delayed forever, it becomes a zombie provision in the law that means a lot of employers like restaurants and sma
about tax cuts? how many times can you talk about taxations, regulations and too much spending in the message is simple but it gets kind of boring after a while. even though it is totally true. so i think the -- i'm in no position to offer advice. you've got two much greater minds here. >> that's pretty good advice actually. >> i think just the basics. and you have to say it in a way that's appealing and there has to be much more outreach to the people that we're trying to reach. >> the same question. eric cantor is going to be here today or tomorrow doing a panel. what would you say that eric should advise his caucus and candidates to talk about in the next election? >> well, there's a fundamental previous decision you have to make. the question right now is does the republican party need to motivate its coalition or modify its coalition? you always have to motivate your coalition when you're going to election, that's necessary. you cabinet get rid of it and start over. the question is whether you need to modify in some significant ways. i think there are good reasons you need
tax. we've injected a healthy dose of fiscal discipline with two-year budgeting, five-year financial planning, and a 10-year capital plan to get to us this point. but it's been worth it. san francisco's credit ratings have been upgraded by every rating agency in the past year, making our tax dollars go further when we deliver capital projects, and giving our city even more investor confidence. so, now it is not the time to take our eyes off the ball. we have to continue reforms to protect our city's economic recovery and make our city safe, solvent, and successful. like taking meaningful action to address our $4.4 billion of unfunded retiree health care liability. thank you, supervisor mark farrell, for taking this on. you have my full support on this important issue. (applause) >> while reforms and sacrifices have spared us deep cuts we've experienced during the deepest part of our economic downturn, we still have much work to do. this year's projected $123.6 million general fund shortfall and next year's $256 million shortfall requires strategic choices and strategic investment. so
) so moved. up next, the treasurer tax collector. mr. cisneros. >> good morning supervisors, jose cisneros, seven cisco treasurer tax collector. >> supervisor farrell: any questions for the treasurer? mr. rose can we go to the updated budget report. >> page 57 of the report, our recommendations in 13-14 would result in 459,184 on your page you have a number of 559,568, our revised recommendation is 459,184, the city's general fund. in 13-14, are new reductions are 34,849, instead of the 79,727. those are our recommendations. >> supervisor farrell: any questions for mr. rose or our treasurer? we have a motion to accept the budget reports recognition? do so without opposition. gvl (gavel)we have the fine arts museum here? >> good morning chairman farrell. supervisors. michelle -- with the fine arts easier when we are in agreement with the budget analyst. we thank you so much for your continued support of the dm and the legion of honor. >> supervisor farrell: any questions? mr. rose can we go to the revised budget report? >> on page 53 recommended reduction is 38,631 in 13-14 and
tax program a [inaudible] good news report is a project has been /khal he thinked over the last half year or so in terms of cost increases in the first phase of the project, the transbay transit center. we're hoping to fill the funding gap through these two /a*bgs today and through nec million through recommendations to provide 6 million dollars to the project and additional 41 million from prop k funds. the board will be asked to adopt the baseline next month. those savings are a result of savings from financing costs so there's additional capacity despite lower overall sales tax revenues. the other good news i want to give is the transbay highway facilities opened bids last week on the steel structure. when it went out to bid the first time it was one giant package. we had one bigger that came in significantly over the estimate. bids have come in 59 million dollars lower than previous so [inaudible] still doing its due diligence on this. they expect in july to adopt a revised project budget for phase one. there will be an update on this at the july programs committee. th
am thinking walter mondale telling us he is going to raise taxes. edward snowden, wanted because he spilled the beans on what the nsa is doing, does the first amendment protect him? >> know because the first amendment does not say that every individual has a right to decide which laws he will obey and which ones he will not. if he wants to disobey, we have a historic and heroic example of the civil rights movement, which came up with the idea of civil this obedience. if he had stayed in the country and made his case, he went to hong kong, he is in moscow, who the hell knows. these are not the friends of liberty. i am not sure he is speaking on behalf of the first amendment or anything. i'm not sure what he is speaking on behalf of that i can assure you as he carried in hong kong, everything in his computers were scooped up by the secret services of the chinese and russians. im not sure that is a friend of liberty. >> there are limits to the first amendment. >> it is not a suicide pact. you can't go out and tell the nation's secrets to our enemies and do it willfully. but it is amazi
the fed's help. growth is being held back by higher taxes and budget cuts. get ready for sticker shock at the gus pump retail gas prices should follow the jump in the wholesale market. >>> ford has cut the price on the 2014 electric focus model. the vehicle should be in show room in the next few weeks mara, back to you. >> thanks so much, courtney. >>> while congress tries to battle restoring lower interest rates on student loans, business insider has compiled the list of the most expensive colleges. the top three are all over $61,000 per year. new york university tops the list. followed by harvey mud college and bard college. >>> and it may be a little bit of buzz kill in colorado for marijuana smokers, the state will consider how much to tax recently legalize bot pot. voters will cast ballots on november. >>> turning next to london where the royal baby frenzy is reaching a fever pitch, you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at legal
are hoovering around $4 a gollon and motorists pay the highest gasoline taxes in the country, 27 cents a gallon. >> they are milking us for everything they can, because they can. >> reporter: 3.63 a month ago before falling to 3.47 currently according to aaa. the coming price spike is creating a not so perfect storm for consumers as the summer driving season moves into high gear. >> they will get sticker shock over the next couple weeks. i think you'll see the impact really after the summer. i don't expect anyone to change their vacation plans now. >> reporter: crude oil's future is trading above $105 a barrel and translating to big increases in the retail gasoline spot market. not good news for a still fragile economy, especially c consume consumers. >> households benefitted by $15 billion over the next year relative to where gasoline prices normally are. so we have a gasoline tail wind but of course, that could change if gas prices move higher. >> the price spike may be temporary. refineries are producing more gasoline than the past six years but demand is higher than a year ago. it is after
a business, but it's a gem. bacon bacon has good food and for locals and added tax revenue as well and only as san francisco resident, everything taste better with bacon. we whole heartedly support bacon and bacon. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon president fong and commissioners. my name is rene pickso, i am a neighbor and here in support of bacon bacon. it's my hope that the city will allow the business to continue to operate. my family has lived in this neighborhood for over 35 years. after going away for college, i returned to this neighborhood. as a kid we became close to the wong family who owned the market. as we heard earlier one of his sons opened a sandwich shop. it allowed friend and neighbors to meet there. i met many of my friends there often. unfortunately the sandwich shop closed. for years the windows were boarded up. i saw people sleeping in the door ways of this store. it was a great reaction to see the store open. i'm blessed to have three small boys now and bacon's owner took the time to know my name as well as the names of my three sons. jim lived a
. a russian lawyer who died in police custody has been convicted of tax evasion. after arrested in 2008 exposing corruption and russia. supporters say that he was tortured and that has put him at the center of a dispute between russia and the u.s.. was a landmark verdict. the first time a russian or soviet court brought about a prosecution against a dead man. he cannot defend himself. he died more than three years ago. he was put on trial anyway. he was found guilty but the case is expected to be dropped by the state due to his death. >> he was an advisor to hermitage capital, once the biggest equities fund, he uncovered the largest tax fraud in russian history. this was involving top officials. he soon found himself behind bars. , ands abused, tortured held in squalid conditions. he died just days before the expiration of the one-year limit to be held without trial. he was 37. even the human rights council at the kremlin said he had not received the proper medical treatment. only one man faced charges in connection with his death, the deputy head of the jail where he died. he was accus
that secret if the justice department has its way. basically, u.s. tax authorities have been trying to pull a veil of secrecy back on these accounts. the swiss cabinet last week came up with a proposal that helps the u.s. follow the money trail, so some banks can provide information to the u.s. on potential clients who have transferred money elsewhere just as the u.s. was trying to crack down on tax evaders so the likes of some of the banks expected to participate in exchange toll escape criminal prosecution. this is a bit of a compromise by the swiss parliament. another story going around are the wars in the telecommunications arena. sprint trying to maintain its market share against the likes of verizon and at&t. its come up with a new marketing pitch to offer unlimited talk, text, and data. currently it's been offering just unlimited datan to a monthly plan. with many corporate changes out there, the likes of the japanese player softbank taking over sprint and sprint in turn taking over clear wire, there have been concerns about what this means for the company's business model. the ceo h
in place. they also have provided a lot of generous tax breaks. >> he is a graduate from india. niche in waste that has increased sevenfold. >> the next government can do in ahing extraordinary much better way than what the current government has done. his company has an annual turnover of $100,000. he is exempt from taxes for the next 20 years. the young people seem to know if they are going to make their mark on the country, they need the newly elected government to listen to their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and help them. if it does not, future generations may leave and take with them any hope of growth or potential this country may have. >> thousands of mourners gathered in northern england for the funeral of the british soldier, lee rigby. he was killed on a london street near his army barracks in south london. two men have been charged with his murder. the scene today. ireland, women are to be allowed to seek abortions in cases considered to be life- threatening. a new law has been brought in. arlen is a deeply religious country and there are divisions. we have the story fr
, more than double the facility's capacity. >>> a man enraged by a dispute involving taxes threw fire bombs inside a city hall in western japan. at least five people were injured. the attack occurred when a man threw two fire bombs over the counter of the taxation department. about 600 people were inside the building at the time. the 63-year-old man was arrested just after the incident. police say he was arguing with an official. city authorities had confiscated his apartment because he failed to pay his property tax. >> translator: this is very shocking. why did this happen? >> firefighters extinguished the blaze after about one hour. five people were taken to the hospital after inhaling smoke. >>> executives at a power company in western japan have filed applications to restart their reactors. the units must pass stricter safety checks put in place in response to the 2011 accident at the fukushima nuclear plant. officials at kyushu nuclear power company applied to restart two reactors. the officials have raised their estimation of the highest possible tsunami to hit the area around
a tax credit. if you need to make changes in the structure of your premises, there are also tax credits for that. most of these cases start with a letter. a demand letter. that is usually signed not by a lawyer, but by it up plaintive. the plaintiff may not be a professional plaintiff. that does not make any difference. the defense has been tried in court. is a civil rights statute. -- it is a civil rights statute. they can be a perfectly legitimate plaintiffs to bring a lawsuit, and there are a number of people who belong to disability organizations that actually, that is what their livelihood is, bringing these lawsuits. the gentleman over here, who was also a lawyer knows of at least one case involving two lawsuits. they started all neighborhoods. the target places like san francisco because this is an old city with old buildings, virtually none of which comply. we only have new construction that would be billed to 1988 compliance standards, usually. whatever kind of business you have, the building part does not enforce ada compliance. you have your architect look at the ada if you a
of record of the facility. and the property tax that you know the property tax rolls should reflect that west field llc should have been noticed and as i said it has received notices in other instances and i believe this was inadvertent we do not believe that anyone was conspiring against us and we don't believe that kettle corn did anything wrong. >> i appreciate the comments and the problem here is how would anyone, if all of these different tenants were notified because they actually have suite numbers and actual addresses, how was yours missed? that is very difficult, if it is not caught on a public record, i don't know, and i don't operate the service or the radius services, that did this, so, it is difficult for our perspective to understand how with all of these other entities and all of these other locations, got this notice, and how did they miss you? >> this... >> well, i think that they missed you because that address is not located anywhere in the public record for them to have obtained. and had they slipped the notice under 865, would that have been sufficient? because
and tax increases. you get the amnesty and legalization and you never get the border secure. if government is at a high level of distrust now, why they department listen to conservatives in the beginning. >> john, the idea of marco rubio and others and ram paul and ted cruz, secower the border. >> i am with them. >> how? >> how, use technology and hire more agents. e- verify and make sure the people entered on a student visa that we track them and monitor them. and i would frankly build a double fence on the border and the problem and my greatest fear has nothing to do with demographics or electioned or politics. my greatest fear is that a lot of people hate this country and if you can get across the border if you want a job, what about the person that wants to do harm. >> i suggest privateizing the border and if they secower it let them cope it. >> protecting the country is a number one responsibility of government. it is not putting 50 million people on food stamps and 11 million people on disability. that worked with one in six americans being in poverty. that hasn't worked out too well
years now. businesses are cutting hours. they are laying off workers. there are higher taxes coming and higher premiums in place. none of this is ready to go. the state exchanges aren't ready to go. all of this is collapsing underneath its own weight and absurd tee. and so they realize they will put off the real horrors and they will decide to put it on when? until after the mid-term election. >> we will get to the politics in a minute. jonathon, stay on the business end of it. is it bad for people and businesses with more than 50 employees? maybe it is bad for businesses with under 50. maybe it is bad for regular americans as well. >> eric, it is bad for businesses and it is terrible for workers. it is warning about the affects and that's her workers. regal entertainment and tons of companies who have already cut hours or cut employees and the recent survey showed 41% of small businesses said they are having a hiring freeze altogether. this has helped no one, but power hungry hole tigses in dc and it is failing by design. it is centralized planning and it is no wonder that it is a
job growth has accelerated to my surprise. expected tax increases and spendispend ing cuts to do some damage but i haven't seen it. >> why haven't they? >> i think in part because the stock market has gone north. high-end consume remembers out spending. gasoline prices are down, helping lower households. consumers have hung tough and businesses responded by hiring. >> mike, what does it mean for the stock market which has been going higher for the most part because of the federal reserve. can it continue higher if the fundamentals come through? >> well, sure it can, as long as the fed stays involved and as long as corporate earnings stay strong. we'll see what happens coming in to second quarter earnings here. i think the jobs report today was sort of right in the middle. it's growing and the earlier months's revisions were positive. it shows there is a base building that the fed can maybe rely on in terms of predicting better when they may have to exit but it also wasn't strong enough to significantly bring down unemployment. you always have to keep in mind the comments have been all
you make of it? >> it looks like job growth has said up. to my surprise, i expected the tax increase and spends cuts to do damage. >> why haven't they? >> the stock market has gone north and that has lifted the higher income households. >> mike, what do you make of this and what does it mean for the stock market, that let's face it has been going higher for the most part because of the federal reserve, can it return higher if the fundamentals come through? >> sure it can, as long as the fed stays involved and corporate earnings stay strong. we will see what happens coming in the second quarter earnings here. i think the jobs report today was sort of right in the middle. it's growing and the earlier months revisions were positive. it shows that there's a base building that the fed can rely on in terms of predicting better when they may have to exit. but it also was not strong enough to significantly bring down unemployment and you also have to keep in mind, despite the comments that have been all over the place lating, and maybe that is craziness with an intent, but the fact of the ma
is listed as the liver condition cirrhosis. >> a group called stop the rain tax outlined the burden of the rain tax on business owners. local business owners in attendance try again saying that it adds significant cost to their business operations. >> this is a huge amount of money coming into state government. and it is not even a designated fund and not even a trust fund. his means the governor and the politicians will have access to this money. that is like giving the keys to the vault to bank robbers. >> the storm water management fee mandated by the state was put in place to pay for raw checks to keep toxic storm water -- for projects to keep toxic storm water runoff from polluting the chesapeake bay. your childu enroll at a public charter school? wrecks get ready to look at a long waiting list. in tonight's educational or, why some baltimore families they wait longer than others in the state. >> he may be worried that it will mess with his swing. the best ditch at a baseball game this year. crossing theers bay in moving into the mountains to our west. we checked the forecast.
from with respect to johnny williams there. was a case of unpaid taxes that he also couldn't do his job in that case. >> reporter: in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. >> the judge did allow attorney general cuccinelli to withdraw from the schneider case and appoint underwood to the case. he sees no reason to dismiss the case. the judge will decide on the motion by the end of the week. >>> a judge in massachusetts has ruled that the public should know exactly what investigators seized from the home of former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. the 23-year-old has been charged with premeditated murder in the death of 27-year- old odin lloyd. the judge ordered the documents to be made available this afternoon. the documents include search warrants, police affidavits explaining what they were looking for and what was taken away as possible evidence. at hernandez' arraignment last month, prosecutors say they had examined his cell phones and 14 camera home surveillance systems. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. also on monday ernest wallace, one of two men police say was in the car wit
that actually, the mayor and i worked on was the mid market and tax tenderloin exclusion. policies are tough and i know we had to work on that. we had a ton of space we have all this san francisco but no businesses coming in. there is a community that's also lived here and i didn't want to push folks out folks which who are improving the neighborhood. but the mayor and i made a commitment we would help revitalize this area in partnership with the communities. it's great to have randy shaw here fighting for low income housing and it's wonderful to have joe here. he lives on market street you'll see him walking around. i asked him to come i think it's important to have this in partnership but small businesses are going to do help strengthen this neighborhood. and we have a joe gentleman who is opening up a beer bar. they make the best chocolate on jones and you can buy them on
, with zuckerburg's ups and downs with eduardo's tax policies, makes his the covered the second most fatal character in the book, do your subjects ever take issue with you post publication with what you have done and have you ever heard what zucker byrd fought of your book? >> people did take issue with me a lot. when you write a book like this i try to explain to the characters, people are going to love you or hate you, become bigger than you wanted to be or could just disappear. you never know how people will react. after the vote comes out after the excitement there comes a period where the main character is like that which the had never happened, not always but often. never works out necessarily exactly how they wanted to. eduardo got $2 billion because of the book and movie. i don't think mark zuckerberg would have paid him off and we'd put on the projects of the ended up with $2 billion going to singapore and not paying taxes but lives in singapore, living the life most of us would dream to live if we had $2 billion at 29. he is not a fugitive but i really feel that it is hard to prepare a cha
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